Sunday, December 27, 2009

The quiet days of Christmas

I've always liked the days between Christmas and New Year's. I call them the quiet days of Christmas. The craziness of Christmas is done and the New Year's party is still a few days away, but in my case, the party never really happens as I like to have a quite New Year's. Usually there are lots of leftovers, chocolates and cookies to munch on and back when the kids were small, their new toys would keep them busy. I was never a Boxing Day shopper so the "quiet days" were always mine to do with as I pleased. Reading books, sewing, puzzles, I'm working on a cotton dishcloth and tomorrow I'm off to the yarn store to buy sock yarn. Yup...I'm going to try it. I found, what I think, is a great tutorial, Kelly's Sock Class, but only time will tell. If in a few weeks I have something that resembles knitted socks then it was indeed a successful tutorial. And stay tuned kids...if my venture into knitting socks is successful, guess what you are all getting next Christmas?


Betty said...

I like quiet too.I made a sock once not a pair just one never made the other one I wish you good luck.Staying home on New years is the safest way to celebrate.
Enjoy your quiet days.
Give George a hug for me.
~~Love Hugs and Good Thoughts~~

scrappy quilter said...

I like this time too. I'm not a Boxing Day shopper either. I don't do well in crowds. And we've never done New year's Eve parties. Having said all that can I be your kid? What great gifts. Hugs

Betty said...

Sorry about giving George a hug I don't know where my head was. George is a dog on another blog. If you know a George and want to give him a hug that's ok (LOL)

Margaret said...

Hi Betty,
I was wondering where the “George” came from…I don’t have a George to hug but I do have a Seiko….

SQ...just tried the sock tutorial...I think you should hold off on wanting to become my kid...It's going to take longer than I thought to master this sock knitting thing...I wish my mom lived closer to me, she is a whiz at socks.