Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As many of you addition to Mia I have two grandsons. They are cute, they are energetic, I love them to death but they are don't get me wrong..I have nothing against boys but as a crafter and sewer and hater of fly zippers..well sewing fly zippers..there is only so far someone can go when sewing for boys and all the while avoiding fly zippers. I made both of my grandson PJs this past Christmas and that's about all I can see myself sewing for them. Here they both are, Ethan and JD, in their new PJ's. Gosh I miss them.

And now we come to the newest little member of my family, Mia. I have not sewn anything for her...yet...but today I put together this little rag doll. It's only about 12 in high and made from fabric scraps.

I used this pattern.

But added hair made of yarn.

I can see myself sewing lots and lots of these. In addition to Mia, my sister had a little girl not 14 days ago, Bronwyn, she will need one. My very good friend had a little girl, Kathleena, in Nov. 2009, she will need one. I have three nieces in Melbourne, Ella, Charlotte and Delainey, they all need one. I have four other nieces in the Okanagan, Emily, Elizabeth, Katy and Alison, they all need one to, well maybe only Alison..the others are little older, but maybe a girl is never too old for a cute rag doll. With so many girls around why did I wait for Mia to arrive before trying my hands at dolls???


Betty said...

You grand babies are adorable.
Your little Doll is very cute.
I made my grand sons dinosaurs and pterodactyls there are some cute patterns out there for boys things.

scrappy quilter said...

Those little guys are so cute. Love the doll. Hugs