Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You may remember my post last fall about the hazelnuts I picked before the bears got to them. I was ever so pleased. My plan was to have them at Christmas but...Christmas came and went and the hazelnuts are still in the shells. Well last night, while watching a movie, I started cracking nuts. Not quite finished yet but it's a start.

Once the nuts are all included! I'll roast them, rub them in a towel to get some of the skins off and to the Joy of Baking website for some biscotti.


Betty said...

I love Biscotti with tea.
PS. I think you are the only one that would join me in the tree house.

Leslie: said...

Hi Margaret! I'm over from Margy's and I must say those nuts look mighty tasty! Feel free to pop over my place - The Pedalogue. Very nice to day I'll make it over to PR and meet both you and Margy. :D

Stine in Ontario said...

Margy sent me. :) Biscotti with hazel nuts sound delicious!