Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spring is in the air???

The Olympics are coming and I hope there is enough snow for the athletes but...

Bluebells are coming up.

and ???


And this petunia on the left and the top center flower, a small purple daisy like flower, made it through winter.. so far. I will be happily surprised if they bloom next summer.

Hollyhocks are sending out new leaves.

And poppies have sprouted. They end up being a nuisance but for now I love to see the new growth.

And finally a tulip is starting to make it's way.

I didn't take a picture but I even have a little pile of weeds along the path...yippee!!!


Betty said...

Love to see little green things poking there heads up out of the dirt.I just hope that they are not to early.

scrappy quilter said...

Oh my, I'm so envious. We won't see that until late April, early May unless we have a early spring. Thanks for the sharing those pictures, loved seeing the new burst of spring at your end. Hugs