Thursday, January 14, 2010

Specials at Magpie's Diner

Not sure if you know but the menu at Magpies' is not very big and to spice it up a little I've been running some specials. However...the specials have not been doing too well and getting the specials prepped adds more work to an already busy day but...a little bit of a trend has been developing. Tuesday to Friday we have very few breakfast customers but get slammed at lunch and on Saturday and Sunday breakfast is the definite favorite.

So...the plan going forward is to run lunch specials during the week and breakfast specials on Saturday and Sunday.

Today's special was grilled ham, cheese and tomato on rye and tomorrow's special will be a patty melt and Friday I will run a shrimp sandwich. I have Saturday's special figured will be a Mexi-Can omelet with chirizo, diced tomato, green onion and black beans..Sunday???

I'm also trying to figure out how to get folks in for breakfast during the week...ideas???


Betty said...

How about Eggs Benedict or strawberry waffles. they are two of my favorite Sunday breakfasts.Don't work to hard.

Anonymous said...

Would it make better sense to have specials when people are not ordering food and have regular prices when they're there anyways? It sounds kind of backwards for a business to give savings on things people want to buy at full price anyways

Stine in Ontario said...

Wish I lived closer! I'd be there for Sunday breakfast.

Margaret said...

That would be so mr anonymous but...the special is not a reduced menu item. The special is a new item made from scratch with local ingredients which is often too labour intensive to have as an ongoing menu item. It keeps folks interested, keeps the chef (that's me)on her toes and the menu stays fresh. Now that makes perfect business sense

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret...for busier breakfasts how about if you also offer that stuff skinny people like for breakfast...I think your menu looks great but those skinny people like stuff like yogurt and granola....etc?? Then maybe target offices in the area to have breakfast meetings there.
Susan R from Squamish