Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clean sheet day

Don't you love getting into a bed with clean sheets? I wish I could have clean sheets every day but that's just not going to happen. I have to settle for clean sheets once a week but what about the rest of the week? I like a well made bed. I don't like wrinkles in it, I don't like the bottom of the sheet coming undone and I like the top sheet to be tight and snug when I get into bed every night. Hey...I work hard, and I want to sleep well so I make up my bed every day just the way I like it.

Bedside lamp, some of my favorite books, warm flannel sheets for winter, crisp cool cotton sheets for summer...heavenly.

Really try it...fluff up your bed, make it just the way you like, you will be surprised how well you will sleep.

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Betty said...

I love clean sheets.I loved it when they were line dried outside,but we are not allowed to do that here. My Friend Dot and her sister Ruth may be coming to visit you at your diner.Dot is Bob Baxters Aunt. He pilots a big aluminum boat on the lake. Margy knows him and his wife is Francine.I hope I got all of that straight. D0n't work to hard.
♥♥ Hugs ♥♥