Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rhubarb and strawberries

Really is there a better partnership??? Well for the first time ever...I'm planting both. Their new home will be with the blueberry plants I recently planted. Not sure if I'll see any berries or rhubarb this year but...fingers crossed I'll have plenty for next year.


scrappy quilter said...

We have both. Rhubarb loves the sun which I found out too late, yet we still get enough to make pies with. Our strawberries are everbearing so we get strawberries right up until frost. Hope you have great success with yours. Hugs

Callie said...

Yum! That sure sounds like the makings of some great treats!

Powell River Books said...

I've been thinking about trying some rhubarb up on the hill by my potato garden. I don't have enough space down on the float. I put in a new bed of strawberries last year and had lots of berries right away. Looks like you got bareroot plants already. Which store has them?