Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the sewing room

The weather was terrible this morning, a little sun followed by dark clouds with heavy, heavy rains, then back to some sun, the the dark get the picture. Definitely not a good day to spend in the garden doing battle with the weeds. second favorite sewing room, this is for Mia, my grandaughter, a cat dress.


Callie said...

Great Idea! I should be sewing too. I've been thinking about quilting.

Powell River Books said...

Don't you mean third favourite place? The float cabin must be up there somewhere. Hope you get a nice Wednesday soon to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck. - Margy

Margaret said...

Actually the cabin is my favorite place and I keep thinking that maybe one day I might be able to buy an antique foot pedal sewing machine that I can use at the cabin...I have the floating garden idea from you so now all I need is a floating hen house and i'll be set.