Friday, March 26, 2010

Divide and conquer

I have a pretty big yard, not a farm, not a hobby farm, not even a full acre...but big enough. There is lots of space to fill, I have about one third of the yard dedicated to veggies, another small postage stamp goes to my chickens and the rest??? Well if and when I get to it I have plans...big plans, a pond, trees and shrubs to outling the property, a meandering path, places to sit...Where to start? And how do I keep the costs low, better yet, free.

I have a lovely white lilac but it sends up suckers, lots and lots of suckers. I usually cut them back but yesterday I had a lightbulb aha moment. Why not dig the suckers and plant them around the yard? I divide my perenials, why not the lilac??? And best of all it's free.
See all the suckers?

See the transplant?

Will it work? I sure hope so.

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The Hobbit said...

My yard is about the same and I have that 1 white lilac bush/tree .That's so funny.I grew up on an 800 acre farm and my father did what you are doing to separate our ball field from a haying field. Lilacs are very hardy and I think you will be successful with your project.I also have pale and deep lilac as a border to my neighbor's yard.