Thursday, March 25, 2010

Living life

Are you living every day to the fullest? Do you enjoy your life? I thought of this when my sister asked me "but when are you going to enjoy life?" A comment she made to me regarding how hard I work in the restaurant. We all view life differently and what might be enjoyable to me might be a total waste of time to someone else.

I truly believe that I live every day...well almost everyday to the fullest. Do I enjoy every day? Almost...

Yesterday my husband wanted to talk to someone about cell phones...and as he left I yelled at him " don't sign any contracts" he came back home without a phone. He explained all the different options given to him and for the most part all included a two year contract.

What will I, we be doing in the next two years? I don't know, I hope I'm living one of my many dreams, living life to the fullest, and enjoying almost every day of it.

Right now, having the diner is my dream. Something I always wanted to do and if I stay healthy I will likely be doing this for quite some time. But...what if I start hating it? Art and I could sell everything, buy WW bus and travel to the tip of South America. Or maybe live on our float cabin full time, have a float garden like my friend Margy and add a floating chicken house...maybe move in with my kids...hehe!!!

Are you living every day as if it's your last one?


Betty said...

I have always wanted a VW van with a pop top. I had one in the 70"s no pop top,but I loved it. I could run around the country visiting my kids. I now hate to drive in traffic,so I will just sail on the Zodiac (LOL)
My friend said your food was very good.
♥♥ Hugs ♥♥

scrappy quilter said...

On the most part I am. We still have dreams though that we plan on doing within the next moving. As to moving in with the kids...not going to happen in our lifetime. I want my space and they want their independance. Besides I don't want them telling me what I can and can't do when I'm older. Hugs

The Hobbit said...

Yes I think I'm living life to it's fullest.I still wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea.Now I write it in my book turn over and go back to sleep.I'm glad you're still enjoying the diner,don't be shy about taking time for yourself,you'll only be better when you come back!

Powell River Books said...

As you mentioned I am living my dream. But in doing so I am getting behind in my reading. Thanks for the shout out. As much time as I have at the cabin it is never enough. It always seems I am traveling between the cabin, the condo in town and the condo in Bellingham to be with my mom. But right now all of that is important stuff. I can't get a new cell phone contract because they don't offer anything better than I get on a day to day basis. I sure hope the new Shaw service gives Telus some competition so they lower their prices. - Margy