Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I need some inspiration????

I'm really struggling these days and need some inspiration. Does anyone have any good blogs to recommend? Anything to do with crafts, gardening, simplicity, living a good life?

My day off today, not sure what I'll be doing but tonight I'll be heading to the local Kale Force meeting. Everyone brings some food to share, always more than enough, and we talk about growing food, the upcoming eat local food challenge, the edible garden tour and almost anything food related. If you live in Powell River and want to get involved please make sure you drop by tonight at the Community Resource Center on Joyce at 5:00pm.

I still have oodles of hazelnuts to shell... this time I'll try a hammer, it might be faster than the nutcracker I used last time. They are so good roasted, better than peanuts, really.


The Hobbit said... is one of my daughters friends in Paris her work is beautiful, is also one I frequent and always has lots of creative ideas.

Callie said...

Do you read Chickens In The Road. She has lots of things to do on her blog.

Powell River Books said...

One of my newer blog friends in Pacy at Pacy Crochets. She sews, crafts, gardens and even likes chickens (she's building a new fancy coop).