Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At home sick

I have been home sick for three days now and I'm sick of being sick. Really bad congestion with fever and coughing...

I went to work this morning, started coughing, turned off the lights and went home. Just didn't think that working with food and coughing was a good idea.

Did I mention that while I was sick the weather was brilliantly beautiful? Do you know how wrong it is to be shivering under several blankets with fever when it's 25C outside? Or how is this for son, his family, his friend and his family were up at my cabin with my boat swimming, and all the while I was shivering.

Anyway, enough of that, I'm feeling better and I think I might be able to open the restaurant tomorrow. I took a walk around the garden today and I think I might have about 20 artichokes ready to go. Any good salad recipes that include artichokes out there? Let me know if you have one.


CompostPyle said...

Sorry to hear you been under the weather, summer colds are the worst b/c of of all the fun stuff going on and beautiful weather and your stuck in bed.

Good your on the mends. Don't have any recipes but how nice to be able to grow artichokes.

The pictures is great

take good care and get to a 100% feeling better

tc linda

Mel said...

It is awful being sick, especially in the summer. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

I have no artichoke recipes for you, I have never eaten one before.

Powell River Books said...

I know you need a break but getting sick isn't the way to do it. I saw the cover was off your boat at the marina so it looked ready to go when we came down the lake the other day. Wouldn't you know it, we leave and the temperature get to 25. Good thing I gave the garden a good watering before I left. If it stays warm John will go up to water for me.