Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out for a walk...

Finally a dryish day... I just had to get out of the house. This trail starts in the Powell River Townsite and meanders along for 1/2 a kilometer or so and joins the Willingdon Beach trail.

So today's post is a day in pictures...some of the interesting flora I saw on my walk.

The outer edge of the Townsite. These folks are so lucky, look at the wonderful view they have. That is Texada Island on the left and Harwood Island on the right and Vancouver Island beyond.

It's only 3:00pm but it's so dark in the forest.

This climbing ivy looks lovely right? But it's deadly to the tree.

I imagine the Powell River Parks Board cut the ivy on this tree so that it might live. Look at how thick the main ivy stem is. You can see the dead ivy towards the top on the picture.

Of course I don't go anywhere without my trusty companion.

The forest floor has a carpet of ferns. And...

Giant horse tails, I'm glad they are not in my yard but lovely on this path.

And this old stump was food for the new tree. Amazing roots.

I guess the stump did all it could for this tree, now it's gone, leaving behind a hollow bottom to this tree.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Those lucky people sure have a wonderful view.

Dianne said...

Amazing tree stumps and a beautiful view. Did you know that you can know longer purchase Ivy to grow in Oregon? If you want it (as we do on a side hill away from all trees on this tree farm), we have to drive to Washington to buy it! Lovely walk today...