Monday, June 7, 2010

Back yard fruit

I was surprised to see the yellow plums and figs are doing so well despite the wet spring. Last year I made plum sauce with these yellow plums great for dipping chicken fingers and egg rolls or even roasted chicken.
And once I had my fill of figs which I adore I processed the rest whole in a simple syrup. They are so good on a cracker with some goat cheese and a chilled glass of white wine. Amazing.
Both recipes were from the Ball Complete book of home canning. If either of these recipes appeal to you I am happy to email them to you.
Yellow plum



Window On The Prairie said...

We planted young plum trees in our yard last year. CAn't wait until they start to produce.

Hay Bale Happiness said...

Hey Margret, Found your blog through Margy at Powell River Books.

'They are so good on a cracker with some goats cheese and a glass of chilled white wine'

You are so talking my language! YUM.

The arbour looks great!

All the best Hay Bale Happiness

Powell River Books said...

What don't you have in your amazing garden? - Margy