Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still here but

a little depressed. The weather continues to be dark, rainy and cool and as a result I've been feeling dark, dreary and cool...But time to get over it.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful lupin? My sister gave this to me last year. She works in a nursery, lucky girl, and got it plus another 20 or so plants for a steal at the end of the season, which she passed on to me...

Not sure what it's called but I'm calling it my tutti frutti lupin.


Anonymous said...

The lupins are lovely. We have just had 6 days in a row of wet, dark, dreary days. I totally understand how you feel. It won't last forever.

Powell River Books said...

I didn't know lupins came in different colours. I have wild blue ones (I assume they are wild, I didn't plant them) on a few of my floating stumps. So far no flowers on them yet.

I just found your website. How long have you had that? It's really nice and I had to add a testimonial for my favourite breakfast spot in town. - Margy

Dianne said...

What beautiful lupins! I've never seen them in those colors before. Just found your blog on Margy's blog and I'm enjoying it!

I live in Oregon and I'm ready for some sunshine also!