Friday, June 18, 2010

Renos at the cabin.

Right now we are not spending very much time at our float cabin but we hope to change this in the next year or two. In the meantime we have decided to do some renos.

The roof at our cabin was not insulated, just a plain old tin roof, and it could get really hot and really cold up there depending on the season.

Last year Art put up some insulation that he found for free at our local mall and free is always good. And there we left it because we could not think of a good way to finish the walls without adding a huge amount of weight to our cabin.

After speaking with the diver that helped us with our float a little while ago and looking at his cabin we came up with a very inexpensive solution. Knotty's really thin and lightweight, it's really cheap and it looks perfect in a cabin.

Last Wednesday, the day before I started feeling so sick, we put up one side and I just love the way it turned out. When I feel better, and when Art and I have some spare time, we will complete the other side but who knows, that might take another year...

Getting our gear together.



And beauty all around us...even in the rain.


Powell River Books said...

It looks wonderful. I know the insulation will make a big difference when you start using the cabin in all seasons. Plus the knotty pine is a perfect choice as you say, so cabinish. - Margy

CompostPyle said...

You have a beautiful place, love those floating cabins that you and Margy have.

They are using a lot of knotty pine in big homes as well . Its a great look , a warm feeling to the home. Nice job, beautiful

have a great weekend

Mel said...

Great job. I love the look of the Pine.