Thursday, June 18, 2009

The chickens

Well the chickens are settling in, they have graciously given us 9 eggs, we are thrilled.

The chickens it seems have grabbed every one's attention.

And their clucking is surprisingly soothing as we sit and watch them scratch at the ground.

One surprising thing.. that is not so soothing, they poop, alot. Who new that such little thing could poop so much.

I'll have to use one pair of my shoes just for the chickens and leave them in the garage..


scrappy quilter said...

Nine eggs...that's impressive.

margaret, do you live right in town or on the outskirts?

Margaret said...

I guess you could call it a burb..Powell River is made up of four areas that are within city limits. Wildwood, where I live, which is semi rural, we have large lots and acreage out here, with horses, pigs, cows and lots of chickens. The other three areas are Townsite, Cranberry and Westview. The "downtown" part of Powell River would be Westview.

Powell River Books said...

You did it! How many chickens? How many eggs per day is normal? Sounds like they give geese a run for their money. They sell chicken manure at one of the local chicken farms. Maybe it is good for the garden, but I would think it needs to be composted for a while to make it not too strong. - Margy