Thursday, June 11, 2009


My daughter-in-law new to Canada from Mexico made home made tortillas today. It was tough enough dealing with the cold weather but without her traditional foods she was really like a fish out of water. Powell River, as lovely as it is, does not offer much in the way of fresh, traditional tasty Mexican ingredients at a reasonable price. Lili tried to explain how good fresh tortillas are but until today I had no idea. Absolutely fabulous, I can't wait for more.

I am Italian, from the Oderzo, a little town near Venice and polenta is a popular dish. My mom used to make, and still does, huge pots of it. It would simmer in the pot for some time, the polenta would always stick to the bottom of the pot and go crispy and brown. My mom would empty the pot and then with a fork she would loosen the crispy polenta that stuck to the bottom of the pot. In my dialect, crostole (probably misspelled) di polenta, we went crazy for these tasty little morsels. Well that's what fresh tortillas bring to mind.

The right type of flour is very important and after some searching we found it at our local grocery store. Maseca is a type of corn flour.

There is ratio of water to flour but Lili knows by touch when it's ready.

Little balls go into the handy dandy tortilla press.

Then into a hot nonstick or heavy cast iron pan, no oil. Sorry didn't get a picture because we ate them as fast as they were coming out of the pan, all we have now are 5...

And here you have it, the final tortillas, all 5 of them.


Natalija said...

Looks really delicious :)

scrappy quilter said...

Oh those look so good. We love tortillas here, however I've never made them. Yummie!!

The Hobbit said...

How lucky to have a daughter-in-law who is able to bring new adventures to your taste buds.Nothing makes a new member of the family feel more welcome than ooh and ahhs about their cooking abilities.

Betty said...

Fresh tortilla are the best.You can make so many things with them or just eat them with butter and lime.