Friday, January 16, 2009

Dagwood is sick

Dagwood has an open gash on his upper front leg. Not sure how or when he got it but he is at the vet today getting stitched up..poor kitty. Dagwood pictured above over the heating vent and lying on my grandson's PJs and a felt Christmas hat, very comfy.

Today I also made liquid soap, it's really easy and costs pennies per load, the recipe is here and I'll be baking some bread as well, I posted a recipe here. Now that I have high cholesterol I'm replacing the milk and butter with water and olive oil and will only whole wheat flour and add some ground flax seed.

I finished a second hanky, seems to go faster now, and on to the third.


scrappy quilter said...

Those are so pretty. Hope your kitty is feeling better soon. It's always so hard when our pets aren't doing well.

Powell River Books said...

Sorry to hear about Dagwood. I used to have a cat called Cessna (after the little airplane) that used to come home with all kinds of cuts and nicks. He was a fighter I think, but never got the best end of the deal. We made several trips to the kitty emergency room with him. He even had a bad bout with a coyote once, but lived to tell the tale.

Wayne and I are down in the Los Angeles area cleaning out our home. It finally sold and we have to move our stuff north. Next week will be a long drive with a big Uhaul truck filled with stuff all the way to Bellingham. It'll be an adventure. After that we can come home for a much needed rest.

Hope to see you soon. - Margy