Monday, January 26, 2009

Never take the easy way..

Unless you know what you are doing. I should know better.

I tried an "easy" English Muffin recipe today that I found on the Internet which turned out to be a disappointment. These little muffins tasted good, in fact they tasted just like bread. BUT, no holes to cradle the melted butter and jam, no delicious sourdough taste, no crunch, just yummy bread, shaped like English muffins.

I guess there could be worse things than little bread buns with butter, homemade jam and tea.

Next time I'll have to tackle the 24 hour recipe. But you know..the longer and more difficult option does not always mean it will work out either.

Live and learn I guess, I'm sure there is a lesson in here somewhere.



scrappy quilter said...

Interesting looking muffins.

Powell River Books said...

I'm home - hurray! I think I'll try baking some bread at the cabin this week. I am so tired of city life. Three weeks was way too much. - Margy