Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why live simply?

Many of my friends know that I've yearned for a simple life; growing my own food, making the things I need and generally working towards self- sustainability for a long time. I'm still far away from this goal but I work at it every day. I don't really know why I want this except it just feels right. I don't necessarily choose this life style to save money, although saving money is a nice perk, but rather because I believe you can only poop (pollute) in your own back yard (our world) for so long before we run out of space to grow, live and breathe.

To this end I decided that I will no longer buy paper towels, paper napkins or paper tissues. I made and continue to make rags from old towels and t-shirts. I hem and sew cotton material into large rectangles to use as cloth napkins, nothing fancy.

I just finished my first cotton hanky which is causing me some grief. The problem with the cotton hankies is that it takes time to design and embroider. At this rate I might have a dozen hankies done in the next year..not good enough. So I guess I'll have to simplify and just hem and sew cotton just like I did with the cloth napkins and embroider cloth hankies as a hobby.

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scrappy quilter said...

A kindred spirit I have found. I feel exactly the same way. Love your hankies.