Sunday, January 18, 2009

Foggy Powell River

Powell River is experiencing a temperature inversion, it's warm up high and cold down low; the result is fog. We have been sitting in thick fog for several days but I think today the sun will win and burn some of this fog away.
Art is heading outside and digging up a new veggie bed, it's hard work as he manually peels away the sod. Once that's done, he will add top soil and compost and then rototill the bed to mix it all up.

A fence will then be built to keep the deer, cats and dog out of the garden. While Art is doing all this I will be inside with a big cup of tea mulling over seed catalogs. Sheesh!!!! my work is never done, I don't seem to have a moments peace.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


scrappy quilter said...

I need to look and see where Powell River is in comparison to Kamloops. It looks like such a pretty place to live. I love the fog pictures. When we get weather like that, we get hoar frost. Next time we get some I'll post pictures. It's pretty incredible. I can't believe you guys are working up a garden. We won't be getting to ours until the end of April and not plant until the middle or end of May.

Margaret said...

Powell River is about 100 miles North of Vancouver. Not too far but requires two ferries to get here. We won't be planting anything until April and May, all depends on the veggie but I want the veggie bed ready for planting and although I poke fun at Art, it really is hard work and he just a little each day.


Powell River Books said...

Thanks for the pictures. I am SO homesick. You are going to have such a great garden! Is that your greenhouse? I want to try to build a little one to under my kitchen window on the float. It can't be too big because of the weight and wind that can really blast us from both the east and west. But I think it is worth a try. How is Dagwood feeling? Better I hope. - Margy