Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to empty the freezer

With spring just around the corner it's time to start using all the frozen veggies and fruit in my freezer to make room for the abundance this year's crops will bring..well I hope anyway.

So first thing, the zucchini..did I mention I planted eight zucchini plants last year? Did I mention that I had enough zucchini to feed the block? Did I mention that I made oodles of zucchini relish, zucchini bread, zucchini fritters, zucchini tarts...

Tonight's menu gets rid of almost all my zucchini in a cream of zucchini soup but there is so much soup that I suspect I'll be having it for lunch for several days.

It was also bread baking day today so I decided to make a focaccia in addition to my regular loaves. The focaccia is dotted with dried tomatoes in olive oil, parmigiano, oregano, sage and rosemary, delicious and low in cholesterol.

I found a fabulous blog full of recipes and beautiful pictures from which I'm making Open Faced Plum Cake, it's to die for. My picture pales in comparison to Alexandra's but tasted wonderful.

Have a nice weekend.



scrappy quilter said...

I'm rofl about the zucchini. I think we have all done this in our gardening lives. My dd did the same thing a couple years ago. After she had done it, I said to her "didn't I tell you to only plant one seed". Too funny!!

Powell River Books said...

Your greenhouse is wonderful. I have been thinking up ideas about how to build a small one at the cabin. It would just be for starting seedlings or small things like lettuce in colder months. - Margy