Thursday, January 8, 2009


Powell River, BC does not offer free garbage pick up. Curb side garbage pick up is provided by the city of Powell River but each bag costs $2.00. Curb side recycling is available at no additional charge. This was quite a shock because the town I lived in prior to Powell River had almost limitless garbage pick up in the form of large bear proof metal garbage containers distributed throughout the community. I tried to recycle as much as I could but it was so easy to get rid of unwanted items, out of site out of mind I guess. I don't really know how much garbage my little household of two people, one dog and two cats produced, I seem to remember taking one bag of garbage out every day, yikes, every day...

My garbage now has meaning because, although I try to live an environmentally green life, garbage here affects my pocket book directly. If I want my garbage picked up I have to buy a ticket, and garbage sure accumulates, and fast.

I now recycle and compost everything I can. I have reduced my garbage to one bag every two weeks.

Pretty good but what about bigger items, things I don't need or want but are still usable?? Let me introduce you to Freecycle. Freecycle is a world wide organization trying to keep "good stuff out of landfills". I found out about it when my husband and I remodeled our home, it's really fabulous and urge you to join.



Jody Iverson said...

I looove freecycle! At least, I love the idea of it. So far, in my neighborhood in rural southwestern Ontario, there is no freecycle program.

However, I'd love to start one :) Way to be green Margaret!

I have lots of other green tips on my blog,

scrappy quilter said...

I haven't tried freecycle yet. The more I hear about it, the more I think I should. Just wanting to say how much I enjoy your blog. From one Canadian to another Canadian, hello.