Monday, July 20, 2009

Cherries and more cherries and maybe not so many

The cherries have been ready for some time and we have been feasting. And, just as I did last year I preserved some to enjoy through winter.

Unfortunately this year we had two terrible rain storms that severely affected the cherry harvest. Rain is death to cherries, they split, then bugs get in there and they rot. The first rain got the cherries as they were starting to ripen and the second rain when they were ready to pick.

This made picking difficult because we had to pick just the right ones which turned to be about one in three. Well the chickens were happy ...

Yesterday I jarred some cherries in light syrup. Some with stones and some without, to tell the truth I just plain got tired of pitting cherries with a paper clip, hence the two types. I really need to get a cherry pitter.

Pitting cherries. Well pit one, eat one.

And the final product.


scrappy quilter said...

Those look so yummie. I love cherries and always wait for the first ones to arrive in our stores here in Manitoba. I have a cherry tree, however they are much smaller and the sour type.

The Hobbit said...

How I love cherries.Not many people grow them around here so I'm usually limited to just a few purchases. At $5.00 a lb I don't splurge too often.Your's are gorgeous.

SuburbanGardener said...

Those do look tasty. We bought a big bag of cherries in Colorado last week. When I was a kid we had an enormous cherry tree, about 5 feet across the trunk. It made small cherries. Hopefully you'll get a second round of fruit once it warms up some.