Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gold Yukon Potatoes

This was my first try at growing potatoes and I'm really wondering why it took me so long..

They are super easy, hilling them is not a huge deal, and they taste divine.

I purchased 25 seed potatoes, dug a hole about 12" deep, plopped one potato in each hole and lightly covered the potato with about 5 " of dirt. When the leaves poked through I covered the hole with more dirt, but always keeping some green showing and then when the hole was filled I started hilling the potato leaves. And voila, potatoes.

I started digging them up about 3 weeks ago. As I was cleaning them with the hose (power clean attachment) the skins came right off, no peeling. Maybe it's because they are so new.

In the picture below the really white potatoes don't have any skin but you see that little tiny potato to the right? It still has it's jacket on. I like them either way but I had fun blasting them with the hose and seeing the skin come right off. These turned into mashed potatoes.

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The Hobbit said...

I love the yukon Golds.Their color makes them look like they're drowning in butter.I usually have to let mine air-dry for a few days.Is that not the case in your area??