Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chickens - Smart or not so smart?

I haven't mentioned the chickens in some time..the reason?? they keep escaping. In fact one chicken had a nest with three eggs in it two doors down from ours. My chickens were there so often that the young boy living there had names for them.

Who said chickens were not smart? As soon as my husband figured out and plugged their escape route they would find another. So what is so dumb about the chickens? Well, once they escaped, we would call for them and they would come running from everywhere, until they reached a fence and then..they would need help to get back in because they forgot how they escaped in the first place.

Our yard is fenced but for our dog not our chickens so for peace of mind my husband increased the size of the original chicken run and they are no longer permitted free access to the large back yard. Life is back to normal and we are not checking on the chickens every hour....

The chicken's now have twice as much room as before. Their yard extends to the greenhouse on the right. That was going to be a new veggie bed next year so I'll have to find another spot.


scrappy quilter said...

Glad you got that problem resolved.

The Hobbit said...

love it.Sounds like something that would happen in my yard.Maybe by next year they will have lost their urge to roam and you can have that new veggie bed.Do you have names for them???Maybe they were not feeling the love and that's why they took a hike. Great story.