Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are gonna have a party..

Good news to share today. My son and daughter in law were married in early April and we are finally having the late Aug.

There are many reasons for the late reception and I won't go into all the details but the happy couple decided to have the reception, a backyard barbecue, in my home. We are expecting about 40 guests from Vancouver, Toronto and Powell River.

I have a busy month ahead of me and with budgets stretched very tight I have to get very creative to pull this off without a glitch and without it costing a bomb.

The men will be responsible for making sure the yard is comfortable come sun or rain. We looked at renting a tent .. hard to believe but the party folks want 300.00 to rent a 20 X 20' tent. So whatever the men come up with, my sisters and I will have to make it look nice. Decorating ideas are very welcome.

I'll start baking bread, muffins and cookies and buy a little extra meat whenever it's on sale and stock pile my freezer. It's expensive to take the ferry and most of the family will also have to book a hotel - I don't want any of our visitors to spend money to eat out.

I really hope my veggie patch will give me lots of goodies, like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, patty pans, green beans and onions, that will also save a lot... eggs won't be a problem :).

During this time I will be participating in the Powell River 50 mile challenge which won't be easy but I'm determined to serve as much local food at the reception as I can.

Phew!!! lots to think about and more importantly lots to do but I am so looking forward to visiting with family and friends. Oh and one more thing..lets hope for hot and dry weather.



scrappy quilter said...

I'm sure you'll be able to pull this off just fine. It'll be wonderful to have a garden party.

Oooh 50 mile local food...that is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

spoke with Liz yesterday - we are all getting excited!!! Iol